The Price Part Three

We’ve looked at the first two commands that Jesus gave to us if we want to be considered one of His disciples. First, we are to “deny ourselves” (read part one here) and secondly we are to “take up our cross,” (read part two here) but now we have reached the final command, and while […]

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The Price Part Two

In John 9, Jesus tells us that there are three things that we HAVE to do to be his disciples. First He told them that they had to set aside their selfish ambitions. (Read Part One Here) Jesus is telling us that in order to be devoted to Him, we have to let go of […]

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The Price Part One

When my daughters (now 8 and 6 years old) were young, they had no concept of how much things cost. When we went to the store they didn’t know the difference between an item that cost $10 and an item that cost $25 dollars, they only knew what they did and didn’t want. It didn’t […]

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